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RACHEL STAMP Bradford Rio Sat 7th June 03

OK so we passed a broken down coach on the way to Bradford & jokingly commented on "us hoping it wasn't Rachel Stamp...." And at 8.30pm RS are doin a sound check, O thats cool, cos we get to hear 'Black Cherry' a few times.... Later we found out it was RS that had broken down!!!! Luckily some guys from Rio's picked them up, so on with the show.... A small, but appreciatve crowd boped along to a 'best of Stamp set' delightful rock tunes taken from their 2 LPs & other goodies including an encore of 'calling all destroyers'. A stand in drummer - sorry can't remember who he was - did a great job in keeping RS's unique sound alive & kicking. The songs from 'Oceans of Venus' sounded particularly good tonight, having had the CD for a while now it has grown on me. David & Shaheena hung around for a chat & some photos & we then danced the night away in the rock disco till 2am.... fantastik....



Shaheena David