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SUPERSUCKERS Leeds Cockpit July 28th 03

WOW - What a sweaty gig.... The Supersuckers hit the tiny stage on their 2 date UK tour to rapturous applause. But as with last years gig here, the vocal of mainman Eddie Spagetti were lost in the mix. Luckily after a couple of songs there was a vast improvement. We were treated to the glorious 'all fucked up' from the new & impressive 'Motherfuckers be trippin' longplayer, early in the set. Then a mixture of breakneck rockin tunes from the boys, with the usual posin & banter from eddie. Not to be outdone Dan & Ron guitar-heroed with the best of em... a couple of wankers stage diving & a dick knocking over the mike stand upset the band a little, but they were finally put in there place by the band & the show climaxed with the now familiar 'born with a tail.
Earlier Tokyo Dragons were rather impressive...



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Sweaty Ste & Bev