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The QUIREBOYS & Crash Kelly - Sun 14th Sept 03 - FANTASTIK!!!!!!

Ste n Nigel


spike n nigel

N Mogg

Sean K & Alison



A cracking night of Rock n Roll started in the worlds end pub, were we drank & were treated to the Darkness CD in full.... Members of Crash Kelly & the Quireboys were also enjoying a drink in there... Having interviewed Nigel Mogg by email - I introduced myself & of course - had a photo taken with him...

Onto the bands & Sean Kelly is the guitarist/vocalist & main influence in Crash Kelly. If you love the 70s & 80s classic rock sound, enthusiasm & kick ass style, then check these out...

What can I add to the Quireboys, one of my fave bands, put on another cracking show. Add onto that I was down at the front rocking my butt off!!!! The band was all smiles & poses & of course great songs from their 3 studio albums... Hell, as the title says, this is rock n roll.... & thank you...