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NASHVILLE PUSSY - Josephs Well Leeds - October 7th 03

Everytime I go to a gig in Leeds I get lost!!! Once found the Josephs Well is a great little venue, with a car park right across the road. First up is Catylyst who came across as a wildhearts influenced bunch, which is fine by me… Afraid I missed Sex Maniacs due to my friends Bev n Shell spotting NP’s drummer Jeremy Thompson. He turned out to be a great bloke & chatted to us until going on stage. Having all 3 CD’s & seeing them twice before I knew what to expect from Nashville Pussy, a band still in love with rock n roll music…. From the opening “say something nasty” thru to the finale of “go motherfucker go” they rocked there’s & my arse off…. In between everyone’s favourite “keep on fucking”, the lyrcaly brilliant "go to hell" with its furious ending - fantastik... All in all a fine stomping guitar lead onslaught of songs about sex, drugs & rock n roll… The gig ends in distorted noise from Ruyter tortured stringless guitar... With most people leaving she sits calmly in the middle of the stage re-stringing her guitar, talking to the crowd & posing for photos... what a star....


Ste & Remo